1. The first step towards becoming a vegan is also the most important step and it begins with a strong enough reason. Your reason for becoming vegan can be for any reason strong enough to make you follow through even when the going gets tough. It’s not easy to change habits at any age but it does get easier with time, however, there will be times when you think to yourself “Why am I doing this?” At these times, you need a answer that is convincing enough for you. 

The reason can be health oriented, the benefits of becoming vegan on your health are outstanding. Research shows that by following a vegan diet, you practically remove the risk of suffering from heart disease completely (so you've already removed the risk factor that kills about 50% of the population). You remove 95% risk of getting any type of cancer (which accounts to approximately 30% of all deaths). And you practically eliminate migraines, colds, acne and candida overgrowth, and slowly but surely it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes.
Your reason for becoming vegan may also be to do good for the environment. Less fossil fuels are emitted into the atmosphere when we reduce animal farming. This leads to less climate change (over 50% of all fossil fuel emissions come from animal agriculture and a meat eating human is responsible for more than 7 times as much fossil fuel emissions as vegans), less forests are cut down for land to raise animals for meat, less grains are grown that can feed a whole family for 3-4 days instead of being given to animals which are then killed for a few small individual meals. Less water and air pollution from animal farming are released into the environment and so much other damage to the soil is spared by deciding to go vegan.
If these two reasons are still not enough, there is animal welfare at stake. The suffering we are causing animals from animal farming is just so horrific that it is quite unimaginable until we see the real life videos posted on YouTube. I am so happy that YouTube has declined to remove such videos of real life animal cruelty even though they were severely criticised for hosting them. It is important not to close our eyes to what is going on and pretend that it is not happening. Even one more vegan in the world means much less suffering for animals, for the world and for our own health.

2. After having a good enough reason, it's time to make the decision. If you decide to go vegan, I recommend going cold turkey. Don’t just reduce the meat you consume and leave eggs or fish and just stop meat, etc. The best way to go vegan and remain vegan is to do it with an all or nothing attitude. The reason for this is that very shortly after starting, you will notice that your taste for certain foods will change. Suddenly you will crave different foods than you craved before, other than high protein, high fat foods, depending on what your body really needs, and your chances of success will greatly increase if you listen to your body and follow these new cravings. 
The best way to go all or nothing is not to reduce calorie content of your diet at first, this will come naturally and much more easily later. First focus on going vegan and do, by all means, eat enough nuts, seeds and rice to make sure you meet your caloric requirements. These foods will make you feel full and satisfied enough so that you will not be looking elsewhere for satisfaction ;-).

3. Believe you can do it is the next step after the decision has been made. Tell people that you have become vegan, talk about it, read articles and support forums on the subject. This will help you make it more of a reality and also you will find yourself in a commitment once you do tell others close to you about your plans.

4. Find vegan foods you love. Just because you have decided to go vegan doesn't mean you are rendered to a life of boredom and dissatisfaction from your meals forever more. Certainly not. There are many tasty vegan foods that you may love and some that just don’t go well with your taste buds, thats fine. I personally do not like quinoa and kidney beans, what can I do, I just don’t like the taste of them, so I hardly eat them, but there are many foods that I just love, like artichokes, beetroot and whole-meal spelt bread. Choose to focus on the foods you DO enjoy, and stick to those. 

5. Now it's time to take action. Collect recipes you think you will enjoy, find local health food supermarkets, and even find local health food restaurants just in case you're not in the mood for cooking.

6. Go and buy what you need in order to make your lifestyle change easier. Buy coconut oil, olives, olive oil, nuts, seeds, grains, oats, bread, healthy whole meal vegan cookies, fruit, dried fruit, vegetables, lentils and beans/peas (you may even find cooked and frozen beans, peas and lentils to save you the hassle of overnight soaking, but please avoid choosing canned options for your healths’ sake). You can go out and buy a sprouter if you think you will be using it. It’s an excellent way to reduce cooking times and to greatly increase the nutritional value of your foods. Buy a natural sprouter out of ceramic. This is much better than plastic since it will be in the sun, and plastics may release harmful chemicals when heated. Also buy a coffee grinder if you liked my breakfast idea (click here for my online shop), I eat this every other morning. And lastly, buy a rice cooker. This is so convenient and allows you to cook your lunch anywhere without paying to much attention to it. It is just so practical and also very cheap to buy. It’s also a good idea to buy glass lunch boxes so you can carry your lunch with you in a healthy manner to work.

7. Make a weekly plan. Write down what you will be eating every day for the next week. This will always keep you focused on the next step and this helps to form this new habit. This will also keep you focused on your long term goal.

8. I recommend buying the following two supplements, spirulina and barley grass, in which ever form you like. These supplements are super foods that will increase your nutrient intake and keep you feeling great and energetic. Read my Superfood Supplement suggestions HERE

9. Start cooking and eating vegan style

10. Now the fun part starts. Watch your health improve and notice the pounds come off as well as the compliments arrive!

Good for you! You did it! I'm proud of you! You just made the world a better place and your life much happier and of course much healthier!
Love GiGi