Being Thankful

I have decided that happy is thankful is the most appropriate name for my web site on achieving happiness and fulfilment, because the lesson of being thankful is so powerful:

Learning the lesson of being thankful for what you have at any present moment in time even though it may not seem much to you, will ensure you are on the right path towards achieving everlasting happiness. 

Our lives at times, are plagued with difficult situations, unhappiness and pain. You may be asking yourself: how in these times of suffering, is it possible to remain thankful for what I have? I was asking the same exact question a few years back.

This was a major question that took me some time to answer. 

I was in the lowest corner of my life, I could not see anything to be thankful for, absolutely nothing. I remember my father trying to tell me all of the things I could be thankful for, but I was just not seeing them.
The reason was this: I was not accepting responsibility for my life at that moment. I did not understand that I had created it all by myself to be exactly the way it was.
I felt a victim of circumstances and thought only of why did all of these terrible things have to happen to me? I was thinking over and over: What on earth did I do so wrong to deserve such a difficult life?!...

I went searching for answers to these questions, and years later I finally understood how to be thankful for what I did have in my life even when my life felt a mess.

One thing I need to make clear, you do not have to be thankful for the difficulties, for the pain or for your suffering in  life. Certainly not!  We are not here, living our lives in order to suffer or to pay for previous life debt and be thankful for it. No! We are here to be creators, and we DO create all that we have in our lives.
Therefore, what we can be thankful at all times for, is understanding that we ourselves have created all of the things that we have currently in our life through our own thoughts, choices and actions. We can and should be grateful for our power to create whatever we focus our mind to. Through our chosen thoughts, whether conscious or not, we create our reality.
If you start to look at what you have around you, you may start to remember the original seed that you planted in your mind to create your current reality. Try and remember the thoughts that you chose to plant in your mind that allowed the things you currently have in your life become your reality. 
What we have to be thankful for, in the most difficult of times, is that our thoughts will always become our reality if focused upon and planted into the fertile soil of our mind with passion. You have created your reality today. By taking responsibility over your current life situation, you are acknowledging your power that we each have within us to create anything and everything. If you choose to create consciously and change and control the negative thoughts that enter your mind, then you are on the right track to creating the life of your desires. If you create your life through an unconscious choice of thoughts, then you are still responsible for your creations, even if it is not exactly as you hoped for. It has become your reality through your feelings and the vibration you are always emitting through your feelings which lead to your behaviour and your choices. Energy attracts like energy. If you are not pleased with your current situation, after you take full responsibility for creating it, you can choose a different direction of thoughts which will emit a different vibration and, like a magnet, will attract like situations to the new vibration you are emitting. 

We have the power within us to create anything and everything we desire. We should find the courage to say: "Thank you for these natural laws that allow me think and create who I am, how I behave and allow my surrounding reality to become an exact match to the thoughts and feelings I am emitting. These laws have made my thoughts become my reality, I see my creations right here before me, right now". 
When you take responsibility for your current situation, you are in the best place to begin and change your situation into something better for yourself.
Even if you are not pleased with what is before you, your acknowledgement of the fact that you have created it, puts you back in control seat of your life and places your hands back on the steering wheel.
We are always creating through our thoughts and emotions about things. Our thoughts may be learned through examining what we like or dislike, or through thought patterns from our parents for example, whom may have had negative belief systems about certain aspects of life, like money making, happiness, health, relationships. We may have picked up their thoughts and insecurities and welcomed them as our own. We did this by choice, whether consciously or unconsciously. Which ever way we have created our reality, whether we have taken the negativity from our caretakers, be they our parents, teachers, spouses, television or other media, unconsciously or consciously, we have accepted and made them our own.
These beliefs need not be yours anymore. Release and uncreate theses negative outlooks, belief systems and emotions. 
Recreate your life to be the way YOU want it to be. Do this by changing your beliefs about everything that does not suit your values. Create a life of joy for yourself. This is our only purpose here. Creating joy that comes from pure love, and not from fear of any sort.
To achieve this, the first step is being thankful; thankful that our thoughts and beliefs become our reality, always! 100% of the time! We are creators, and we have the ability, through our thoughts, emotions and choices to choose where we are headed in life. Always look at your real goals, and choose only happy thoughts, emotions and choices that will lead you to a place of true joy and fulfilment of all of your desires.
If you are doing this for some time and still haven't seen the results you wish for right before your eyes, it may mean that you still do not believe in yourself as the true and only creator of your life and that all that happens is there for a reason, and the reason is sometimes the bigger picture that will get us exactly to where we desire to be in the long run, but we cannot see or understand this today. 

You may still have negative beliefs in the areas of life where you are unfulfilled. You must find these negative beliefs, write them down the moment they enter your mind, and consciously choose to replace them with positive thoughts of what you DO want for yourself, instead. 


You are the one who chooses what to believe and what thought you want to give power and focus. You have the power to create anything and everything you wish for 100% of the time.