Finding your higher purpose

Your higher purpose in life is to be the best version of yourself that you can be. The best version of yourself is when you are: 

Fulfilled, Happy, Successful, Energetic and Calm

Finding your higher purpose is not about finding something you lost or something you do not know exists. Finding your higher purpose is actually all about slowly becoming your purpose in life. You intuitively choose your friends, job and your partner to bring out the best you can be, and if this is not happening, then you have something to get out of the relationship to become a better version of yourself and to move on. 

When we are not anywhere near being the best version of ourselves, and we are not fulfilled or happy, sometimes it is difficult to change our course or to know what to do. When you are on the wrong track to finding your purpose in life, this is when you may receive guidance from above. At times, this guidance is in the form of some kind of suffering that you may be experiencing.

You truly want to be the best version of yourself, and nothing less, but sometimes we enter laziness and apathy, disbelief or plain dissatisfaction. We need something to shake us out of our poor habits and get us to where we really need and want to be. Many people I know have totally changed their paths once they have encountered a difficulty or hardship in life. For others, I have seen that only after many obstacles did they finally find their life path. I am one of those ;-).

But how do you know what the best version of yourself is?

The best version of yourself is always:

1. Being a totally free being. Free from anger, fear, and negative emotional turbulances.

2. Being in a place of true fulfilment so that your  lass” is overflowing and you have much to give away (not necessarily financially) and you are willing and find joy in giving to others.

3. Being fit and energetic to carry out any task that you wish to accomplish. Even if you have a handicap of some sort, the best version of yourself has the energy and willingness to do all that we really desire to do.

4. Being in a place where you are doing what you love to do, so that it is done with passion and enthusiasm which comes from within. In this situation, you will always be of service to others and by giving them value; you will be happier and you will make them happier too.

5. Being in a place where you are always looking at yourself and your life, and not at other peoples lives and comparing. This can only occur when you are true to yourself and do not put the main emphasis on what others think, feel or say about your choices.

Now, try and look back at your life and the experiences you have had. Were they not in your favour always? Try and look at the bigger picture.  Life is like a puzzle, and by focusing on each piece separately, sometimes it is very difficult or even impossible to see the big picture and the benefits of the obstacles we have had. Sometimes we have yet to learn what we want to learn from any given situation. By looking back at your life, do you not notice that once obstacles were overcome, your life seemed to receive another, better dimension? Were things not always in your favour? Do you notice that the difficulties you confronted allowed you to understand your power and to claim back your control in that specific area of your life?

They always are! Experiences are always in our favour to help us reach the best version of ourselves so that we can lead happy and fulfilled lives, filled with joy, abundance, love and well being. The more we have these, the more happy we can become by helping others to reach the better version of themselves.

Now be true with yourself. What do you think would really make you happy now? What would make you fulfilled now? Which path would make you energetic and healthy now? What characteristics would you like to have now? 

This is your higher purpose in life.

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