What is the Meaning of a Good Life? 


Your life is your creation. We are each the creators of our own life and life is all about creation. 

We are in fact all creators and have the ability to create anything we can imagine in our minds. Imagination is one of our gifts and we each have our own imagination. We have the abilities to create whatever we imagine, but we must believe in this ability. We are whatever we believe ourselves to be and our beliefs are the only thing that can and will ever limit us within reason. Other than our own beliefs, there are no limitations to our creative abilities.

Life is a process of creating though our thoughts and then permitting it to enter our reality. This process of permitting what we have imagined to manifest, is basically creation at its best. It is like a planned journey of deciding what it is that we want, and then focusing on believing and permitting it to manifest in our lives, and taking all the necessary action that is required to create that which we want.

Now we can ask another question. What is the meaning of a good life? 

What is it that we really want?

Everything that we want in life is because we feel that we are deprived of something and that it can make us happier. But is this really true? Are we really deprived of anything? Is our Creator not Almighty, All Loving, All Powerful, All-Embracing, Omnipotent, Eternal, and Boundless? If this is the description then why would our Creator ever deprive us of anything? The answer to this is simple; Our Creator is permitting us at all times to create whatever it is that we want and that we are allowing to enter into our reality through our beliefs and thoughts. Our Creator is also known as our heavenly father. Would you, if you were unlimited, not want to provide your child with everything under the sun? You sure would, but sometimes, we, as children are not willing to accept whatever it is that our all loving Creator wants to give to us. I will provide you with a down to earth reasonable analogy: I studied Nutrition as part of my first degree and I understand the importance of the fuel we choose to fill the needs of our bodies. I know the importance of whole foods and the lethal effects of refined carbohydrates and other processed foods on our health. My four year old daughter would constantly see children around her eating ice creams, and all sorts of processed foods. My daughter would then see me eating different kinds of foods all together and that we serve at home only healthy food options. However, whenever my daughter would go out alone with her grandmother, she would ask for those foods that she knew were not served at home. I, as her loving mother wanted the best for her. I want her to choose healthy food choices because I know the consequences that unhealthy nutrition has on our health. But, at the end of the day, my daughter is the one who chooses what she does. The same goes for every thing we have in life. Whatever we have manifested into our lives has come to us through our choices which have come from our dominant thoughts and beliefs which have lead us to choose certain behaviours.

So now we understand that we are not deprived of anything, it is only our own self that is sabotaging the permittence of whatever it is that we want into our lives.

But what it is that we want and what is the meaning of a good life?

The what is never something external. We want whatever it is that we want because we assume that this object, relationship, health state or whatever it may be, will give us something internal that we really want. So, in fact we are all after one thing and that is well being. This is the meaning of a good life. We think the lifestyle, the looks, the health, the relationship and the bank account are what will provide us in the end with the Well-Being we seek. But well being is first and foremost a choice. It is a choice to focus on the positive aspects of our life and less on the negative. It is a choice of focusing on the best for us or choosing to focus on less than best for us.

Here we are, living this life now. We understand that life is about creating what we want, and that what we all really want is Well-Being. If you focus on the end, internal, product that you are wanting, then already you have switched your focus from something negative (the lack of the thing you feel deprived of) towards something positive (the internal state of Well-Being that this thing will provide you with once it manifests in your life). Now, as I said, to create is to keep the focus on what you WANT by using our gift of imagination, and to believe in our abilities to create anything we can imagine and to avoid self sabotaging the creation  coming to fruition.

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Choosing to place your focus on your personal Well-Being now, even before you have manifested the physical external object that you believe will help you achieve it, will permit its arrival into your physical reality much sooner than it will ever come to fruition if you focus on what you feel deprived of and what you feel needy for in the now. 

With Love