Most of us have our basic physiological needs of food, shelter, heat. 

The negative thinking cycles are here to provide us with this basic level of needs. Above this basic physiological level, even to some point in the second level of security, and certainly in the higher levels of love, self worth, etc, these negative thought patterns only interfere from us becoming more accomplished human beings. In order to become evolved human beings we must learn to curb and control these negative thought patterns.

Most of us, in this day and age, are not in the immediate need to fight for our basic physiological needs today. We are here to grow beyond this basic level and to evolve.

However, most of us are still functioning from behavioural patters made to ensure that we have these basic level of needs met. We choose to think negative thoughts almost every opportunity that comes our way. We must understand what it is that we are doing in order to release ourselves from this detrimental cycle.

If you think about it, you too can conclude that Negative thinking cycles have the exact opposite effect above the third stage of the Hierarchy of Needs triangle seen above. 

In the second stage, negative thought patterns may still have some usefulness. We lock our cars, our houses, we do health check ups, and we look after our children to prevent them from getting hurt. In this stage it is still important to have some negative thought patterns and to examine the worst case scenario so as to prevent them.

In the stages above the second stage of human needs, negative thinking cycles will ruin anything good we have. We will only attract negativity into our relationships, health and wealth opportunities by focusing on worst case scenarios.

But why do we continue to have these negative thinking cycles in the latter stages where they no longer serve us? 

The answer is the same as for why we continue to have the physiological stress response we have even when the cause of stress is no longer physical but mental. We physically perceive things wrongly and this is where we need to regain our control.  This perception of seeing things and situations above the first two basic stages as the same type of need is the mistake we make even on a physiological basis. We have the stress response which pumps stress hormones into our bloodstream that reach our muscles so that we can get up and run away from harm or protect our family and belongings from physical danger. This primitive stress response does not help us at all if the stock market plunges and we have stocks there, and it does not help if you suddenly get news from your doctor that you are suffering from some kind of illness.

Negative thought patterns are just as useless as the stress response at higher stages of human needs and development.

To stop the negative thinking cycle we must first become aware of it when it is happening and change our perception of things. 

When we are aware in real time, we can replace these negative thoughts of what we fear will happen, into more comforting thoughts of what we do want to happen instead. Think of the ideal end product or result for you. Do my Goals and Ideals Questionnaire here if you need help with this. After you know your ideal end result, place only thoughts that will help you and push you forward towards achieving your desires.


Think of only what you do want, and do not talk about or think about what you do not want because then you are automatically creating it for your future. 

I know that it is not easy to completely change around a negative thought into a positive one, but even a slight shift in perception is also good, slowly by slowly, bit by bit, negative thought by negative thought will all be replaced with better feeling thoughts that will create a better future for you.

With Love,


How to stop negative feelings


Very good question. This is a major factor in our lives that leads to all the chaos and suffering we see everywhere. The reason for this is because negative thinking cycle is a normal pattern of thinking. Yes, this is true! From animals to humans, negative thought patterns are what used to keep us alive. They belong to our survival mechanism, and indeed they have a very important role in keeping us from dangers today as well. 

The negative thinking cycle helps to prevent us from getting into trouble and from taking un calculated risks. They are a preventative measure to halt us from doing things that may harm us. 

We think of the worst case scenario, the worst possible consequence, before we take on a certain task and these negative thinking cycles are meant to provide us with a way out of a dangerous situation before we decide to enter it.

Animals plan and watch their prey before they decide whether to go and kill the prey or wait for another opportunity.

Those of us who tend to drive more carefully and never cross an intersection in a yellow light for example,  are possibly thinking of worst case scenarios while driving or before crossing the major intersection.

Negative thinking cycles are a natural survival skill, however, they are meant to protect us from real physical dangers.

Times have changed and life circumstances have also changed. We are light years away from the cave man we were once and we need to curb our negative feelings, and to rely on them only when we cannot find another, more positive thought pattern to replace them with. 

Negative thinking cycles were a must in that era, and those whom had the most negative thinking cycles were thought to be the best hunters and to have the best survival skills. They were the most sensitive of all of us, and therefore were those whom were most likely to remain alive.

This is the reason why so many of us have strong negative thought patterns today. It's Darwin's evolution theory at its best. Previously, those with the most negative thought patterns were those who survived the longest, against all odds, because they were in a constant state of looking out for the predator/ the danger/ the problem.

Today, these negative thinking cycles are so prevalent, however, in todays world they achieve the exact opposite effect and we need to stop negative feelings in order to achieve anything in life.

Today, in most of the world, the physical part of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Triangle is met.