Transforming Obstacles Into Opportunities

By Galit Goldfarb

A person cannot truly be happy and free if they are in debt and are not able to afford the things they feel they need. Every person is entitled to live abundantly and  every person has it within them to create exactly the abundance they desire and they believe they can achieve. The mindset is what is important in the creation of wealth. Read my posts with tips to create the wealth you deserve.

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Life is a journey, both challenging and joyful and we are complex individuals. There are many pieces of the puzzle to master in order to achieve the great happiness and well being you deserve. Click here for my recent articles that will help  you live your dream life.


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Like a car that cannot function properly if "fed" with the wrong kind of petrol, the same goes for our bodies. Its time  to relearn what we instinctively knew when we were young on how to maintain the vibrant energy and well being we were meant to have at any age.


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A relationship is like a garden, if it is cared and tended to it will blossom into something beautiful. If our garden does not recieve the love, care and, and nourishment it needs, only weeds will florish. Tending to your relationship garden, needs knowledge and understanding. Read my posts for happy relationship tips here.

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