Clear Self Limiting Beliefs 

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We each hold a never ending list of limiting beliefs. They encompass every aspect of our lives. It is important to clear self limiting beliefs so that you can become the best version of yourself and reach fulfilment and happiness. 

But first, what are these limiting beliefs and where do they come from? 

A limiting belief is anything that limits your abilities of achieving anything that you desire in this world.

If you consider the truth that we all come from one same source, then, we can conclude that we all share the attributes of that source.

Ill give you a simple example: you are climbing up the Everest and you choose to bring a memory from the mountain home to your children, so you take a rock and place it in your bag, you reach home and show the rock to your kids. Now the question is, is this just any rock, or is it part of the Everest Mountain? You will agree with me when I say that many of these rocks make up the mountain, so, in fact this rock is part of the mountain, and has the make up of the mountain no matter where on earth this rock may be, right? In fact, if you will bring this rock to a laboratory, they can determine that it came from the Everest because rocks taken from there will have a certain chemical makeup that will immediately show that the rock does not come from Scotland for example, but comes from the Everest Mountain in Nepal. 

The same goes for us, we are just like a rock that has been separated from the mountain of its source where we came from, whom created us and all others. We have the attributes of this source. Our source is A Creator and so we, whom come from this source, share the attributes of an all loving, unlimited creator. We each have the ability to create anything that we put our minds to. We are creators, and that is the reason we are here in this world, to create our lives. 

We are always creating, because this is our essence. We may be creating unconsciously, or consciously, the choice is always ours. What fills up your lives today, you have created, and what you think is impossible that you have created in this lifetime, you may have created before you chose to come here and be what you are. 

Because we have created everything in our lives, we each have the ability to overcome any difficulty and even make the best of any situation we are confronted with. There are things in life that we cannot change, for example, the death of someone we loved, a handicap that we have, a weather catastrophe that hit our country, but we can, and always do have a choice in determining how we look at things and how we react to these things.

On the other hand, things that we can always change and recreate into a better version include our financial situation, no matter where we are today, no matter where we live today. The same goes for our health, peace of mind, our relationships and our family life. We are where we are today because of the choices we have made up to this point, and once we start choosing better choices, we will start to fly and create the most amazing things for us.


Now you may be asking yourself: What is holding me back from achieving my desires if I can create anything under the sun? The answer lies in our limiting beliefs that we have gathered through the years from sources that we respected and admired, from caretakers, parents, teachers and friends.

We have also made some up for ourselves following life experiences that we went through. We see the world as limited, when in fact it is absolutely unlimited. Even if we are physically limited, we are still unlimited with what we can achieve, within certain boundaries, but with the use of some imagination, that we were given for this purpose from our Source who created us. We have the ability, at any time to           clear self limiting beliefs and free ourselves to our true potential.

We were given imagination so that we can create anything we can imagine, and we CAN create EVERYTHING that we can imagine, we just have to go about it using a certain strategy, see my book, to help you organise your thoughts of how to get from where you are today, to where you would like to be. Click here to get my 6 Principles To Making Successful Choices in Life book and start to achieve the life of your dreams filled with deep fulfilment and purpose right now.

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The sum of all of our beliefs make up who we are today. We will always act, behave and become what we believe we can become. We are in fact, the sum of our beliefs, no more and no less.

We are the only ones forming the boundaries to our abilities through our thoughts and beliefs.

We have beliefs that we have collected in every aspect of our lives, from how good a cook we are to how much money we can make for a living.

These are beliefs that we hold in all parts of our life and we can only amount to as much as we believe we can amount to, and no more. That is why we call these "limiting beliefs". They put us into a certain frame from which we cannot leave its boundaries. 

Well, ladies and gentlemen, its time to clear self limiting beliefs and leave these boundaries behind and start living the life of your full potential.

Please take a pen and paper.

Write down the IDEAL version of yourself. Where are you in life in your ideal form? Please use the gift of imagination you were give from the Source that created us to create a vision of the ideal you now.

Another request of mine: please write the ideal you through your own terms. Do not tell me of the ideal you in terms of your mother, father, teacher, neighbour.

Write down the ideal you that comes from your soul. What are your real desires? What is YOUR TRUTH about your ideal self?

Now please write your truth of your ideal characteristics is in terms of:

1. Relationships including family relations

2. Living

3. Health

4. Financial circumstance

5. Most importantly, write down your ideal YOU characteristics

The last (5th) answer I requested above is usually the hardest to write, because we may still be stuck in terms of what we can and cant be, so to help you out in filling this last step I want you to write down a list of 5 people you really admire and consider as WINNERS. The list can have people from any walks of life, those whom you know personally or those you have never had contact with, this doesnt matter.

For every person on your list, write down 5 characteristics that they have and that you respect and admire. Write down why is it that you consider them as winners.

Now, within a few minutes, you have before you a list of 25 characteristics that you consider as ideal, although most of our lists will be shorter because there will be overlap for some of these characteristics.

The next step is to write down in words the ideal picture of you. For every ideal characteristic that you hold write down:

I, enter your name, am, write down the characteristic that belongs to the ideal you.

The point of this exercise is to form a new picture of yourself, and to create a new belief system that will not be ruled by limiting beliefs. The ideal you is what you consider as being a winner, and you deserve to be that ideal person that you want to be. Not only do you deserve to be that person, you can, absolutely be that person!

Remember, most of us are only using 1-5% of our minds potential! The reason is not because we can't use more of our minds potential, it is because we are the only ones that are sabotaging our chance of using any more of our potential through the limitations we have created for ourselves.

If you can imagine something in your mind, then you can certainly create that something.

The only way to change your life is to change your beliefs about everything that you have a limited belief about. It's about time, for you, and for those around you, and for the world that you start projecting the ideal you.

The next step is to print out the list of the ideal you in a small square note that will fit as a sticker on the back of your mobile phone. Laminate the list and buy a double sided tape and stick it on the back of your phone, or just leave it in your wallet, and have a look at this list as often as you can throughout the day.

This will gradually help you to release the old, useless limited beliefs you hold about yourself and allow space for the new, unlimited, amazing you to finally shine through.

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