Close your eyes and feel the air around you on your skin. Your skin is also breathing. In fact, our skin is also known as our third lung.

Inhale through your nostrils to the count of five and as you inhale hold in mind that you are inhaling vibrant, life supporting energy, an energy that heals and provides you with unending abundant energy.

Hold this air in your lungs to the count of five and imagine that the air is slowly being dispersed to all of the areas in your body that need this positive energy.

Imagine how this beneficial air is trickling slowly into all of those places that your body needs it the most.

Release the air slowly to the count of ten, through your mouth while making a kissing shape with your lips. As you are releasing the air, imagine that you are releasing with it all of the toxins that have built up in any weak areas of your body.

You may repeat this technique as much and as often as you like. You may also inhale each time through a different nostril by holding the other nostril shut with your index finger. This helps you focus only on your breathing whilst leaving all your negative thoughts behind to slowly fade away.

You may also imagine that you are releasing excess fat from your body while you do this breathing technique. You will automatically feel thinner after you do this, and when you feel thinner and allow your subconscious mind to believe that you ARE thinner, the creator within you will produce these results for you by matching the vibration you are emitting with a similar one.

After going through the breathing technique a few times, finish off by drinking a glass of clear mineral water. When you drink the water imagine that it’s life supporting minerals are reaching the areas in your body that are in need, and when you urinate, imagine to yourself how the toxins that have built up in any area of weakness throughout your body are being removed from your body for good.

Enjoy ;-)

Mindfulness Breathing Exercise 


Breathing is a way of allowing life energy into our bodies, after all, without air there is no life.
When you find that you are in a bad mood with any kind of negative thought pattern, or when you are unhealthy with any dis-ease, use the breathing exercise below to stimulate vibrant energy into your body.


The mindfulness breathing exercise:

Go to somewhere where the air is clean, if you live near the beach or woods or fields, you are lucky, go there and do the following simple exercises. If you cannot leave where you are, and do not have access to fresh clean air, order yourself some fresh flowers or an aromatic plant from a nearby garden centre and do the following exercises near the flowers / plant while looking at a nature picture like the ones I have added below. I have taken them from different places I have visited.

Low Energy Air


Best Gifts For Hospital Patients


How to uplift yourself in low energy air

8 may 2012

Breathing is an action commanded by the subconscious mind and is automatic, however, the influx of air into our lungs allows with it the influx of life into our bodies.


This influx of life can be used to, either allow positive, life giving energy to enter our bodies, or negative, destroying energy to enter our bodies, depending on what we are focusing on.


For example, if you enter a hospital ward, those of you whom are sensitive enough, will immediately feel the low energy there that has a high level of positive ions, contrary to negative ions found in nature. This low energy level of polluted air with a high degree of positive ions, may affect the people that are admitted to the wards and those who come to work or visit there. The air we breath in the hospital may negatively affect our health, whether there are pathogens in the air or not. Some people mistake this feeling of uncleanness they feel, for germs and may find that they want to wash their hands very thoroughly after leaving the hospital even if they have not touched a thing while passing through. However, the feeling of uncleanliness from hospital wards or certain clinics comes from the low energy levels we admit into our bodies unconsciously by breathing when we are there. A way to overcome this, for those who work or are visiting the hospital, is to focus on something natural in the place, for example a plant or flowers.

When you breath in, focus for a moment on the flowers' energy and allow the vibrant energy from the flowers to fill you up. You will immediately notice that your energy levels have risen. If you are a visitor to someone admitted there, the best gifts for hospital patients include plants, or fresh flowers or fresh fruit; anything natural is great, and this will automatically uplift their mood without their understanding exactly why. This will help them leave the ward sooner. It is normally a custom to give flowers after a birth, but not necessarily a custom when someone is admitted for pneumonia for example. Keep this in mind when visiting the elderly.

Plants are the best gifts for hospital patients, as well as fresh fruit. Clearly these are a better gifts than a box of chocolates, in all respects.