Hi, I’m Galit Goldfarb,  and my passion in life is learning to transform life’s most darkest, difficult obstacles into opportunities for growth, fulfilment and happiness in life and I am here to help you do the same.

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At the end of our life, when we are lying on our death bed, we will be doing some introspection and thinking about our existence. We will either be happy and satisfied with a full, active and fulfilling life or unsatisfied with our past leaving us with feelings of regret and frustration that we missed our opportunity to make something useful for the world.

Life is full of difficulties and obstacles, but the most exciting and fulfilling times in our lives will be those times when we rise above our obstacles and understand that we can make and take something of major value and importance from this.

This is the essence of transforming obstacles into opportunities. 

In the end we will understand that the circumstances that we had in life are of less significance and importance. What is important is only what we make out of it, what we build and create from it, what we have and can pass onto others from it.

The money, success and power we accumulate in life will be less important than how we used them. The mistakes, faults and failures are insignificant in comparison with our persistence to reach lofty goals despite them.

The amount of happiness and fulfilment we have in life boils down to our minute by minute choices in life. You CAN choose your attitude, your thoughts, your actions and your reactions every minute of every hour.

Your choices are what will make or break you. 

Every thought, choice and action is a new opportunity.

Your choices define your life.

Your choices create your opportunities.

The obstacle to opportunity strategy begins with a choice, make a goal for yourself, choose to go after it, make a plan to go after your choice and follow your plan.

There is a wealth of knowledge in this website and my blog. 

​However, the most focused work to achieve lasting personal transformation includes deep knowledge, which is concentrated in my online training program titled “The 8 Magic Steps To Success, Happiness and Fulfilment - A Simple, Easy-To-Follow Formula To Get You Smiling and Passionate About Life, Starting Today”. This is the easiest and best starting place to truly transform yourself! This program is a simple yet life altering course which will help you change the core of all of your problems and obstacles to set the foundation for groundbreaking transformation.

My five book series titled: 
The 6 Principle Strategy for Creating a Successful & Happy Life Series which includes:

Book # 1: The Basics Everyone Needs to Know

Book # 2: How to Create Peace of Mind

 Book # 3: How to Create Optimum Health

Book # 4: How to Create Great Relationships

Book # 5: How to Create Wealth

This book series is very powerful in helping the reader who interested in reaching their true full potential of becoming fulfilled, financially independent, happy and successful, easily make the necessary changes to reach these goals by learning and gaining the tools to make successful choices. These books are filled with case studies and lesson for life.

For true transformation with health issues, my book and online training program: The Guerrilla Diet & Lifestyle Program - Wage War On Weight and Learn To Thrive In The Modern Jungle, which became an #1 International Bestseller upon release, helps the reader transform eating and health habits to succeed at lasting weight loss and optimal health. There is no other more comprehensive book that teaches you the true background to health.

“Our choices define our life and our choices create our opportunities”. - Galit Goldfarb

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